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New England Basketball Services was created in August of 2006 to form new avenues of exposure and instruction for players in the New England region.  Our two separate divisions work in close connection to each other in order to provide a complete scope of services. 

We strive to first help players maximize their potential with a variety of instructional programs.  Additionally, many of our tournaments and other events provide the highest levels of competition that are a necessity for any player’s development. 

We also go to great lengths to ensure that our region's players are receiving maximum exposure to college coaches, scouting services, other media outlets, and fans throughout the country.  Our greatest tool in that endeavor is the New England Recruiting Report which includes a scouting service available only to college coaches as well as our web site which has become the #1 authority on high school and prep school basketball in New England. 

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New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

October 2012

Mansfield Sportsplex

The Junior Elite 75 will host the top middle school players in New England and provide them with early exposure, the best in skill development, and discussion sessions educating them about what to expect from the high school level and the world of recruiting.

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