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Lady Gators College Showcase

June 23rd, 2010
Laura Kent

Talent from all over New England proved exceptional



The Lady Gators hosted their 6th annual college showcase on June 19th an 20th. The teams who participated represented well known organizations from all over New England, New York and Canada.  Games were held at Westfield State College as well as Holyoke Community College.  The tournament also hosted more than 40 college coaches.

The New Hampshire Rockettes got off to a great start in their final tournament of the spring season.  Their full court press and constantly changing defenses kept their opponents from getting a successful offense going.  The Rockettes used solid passing and team play to enhance their own offense. 

Emilee Marro, Trinity HS and Molly McGown, Bedford HS, took care of the outside shot for the team.  Both are good ball handlers who use their bodies well to create space.  Marro does a great job of drawing fouls while McGown’s quick pull up and release is extremely difficult to defend.

Rachael Carter’s, from Merrimack HS, athleticism is evident as soon as she steps on the court.  She has good size and strength for a point guard and uses it to get to the basket.  Rachael moves well in the open court and is a very consistent ball handler. 

Casey Levis, Bedford HS, and Erin Shannon, Nashua South HS, is another pair that works great in traffic.  Both read the court and are excellent at drawing defenders and dishing to the open player.  The duo has great court awareness and can finish with pressure. Alexis Casimir plays well inside the arc and is a smart and solid defender.

The post play is covered by Jenny Fallon, Bishop Guertin HS,  and Christa Sopel, Manchester Memorial.   Fallon showed her array of skills as a post player including well practiced and successful hook shots and up and unders.  She is confident in the fundamentals down low and works well with teammates; Jenny can play with her back to the basket or faced up and rebounds well.  Sopel is extremely effective in creating space down low; she boxes out and rebounds on both ends of the court.  Offensively Christa reads the ball off the rim to get a number of put backs. 

All of the Rockettes are entering their senior year in southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.  This was the last tournament of their spring AAU season.

The Rhode Island Breakers  have shown for the second weekend in a row that they are one of the top programs in New England with no difficulty scoring.  The Breakers play aggressive defense and push the ball up the court for easy offensive opportunities.

Candace Andrews, Tabor Academy  possesses the qualities of a true point guard.  She is quick on both ends of the court and handles the ball with control and poise.  Andrews is especially good at attacking the basket drawing multiple defenders and dishing it down low for easy layups.  She knows her teammates well and continually sets them up for success. 

Rachel Battista, St Mary Bayview, also handles the ball well and has a great corner shot.  She has quick hands and anticipates the ball on defense forcing a number of turnovers.
All of the Breakers have the ability to score inside and out but they do have some stand out shooters from behind the arc.  Shanise Bultron, Tabor Academy has a quick release and is an excellent passer, she is another player who plays to her teammates strengths and sets them up to be successful.  Erin Coughlin, Tabor Academy,  and Katelyn Iafolla, Franklin HS also have a nice shooting range.
Brianna Haberle,  Smithfield HS,  was one of the peskiest defenders in the tournament.  She plays a physical game and shoots well, though it is hard to miss her defense from end line to end line as it is intense and takes any court vision away from her opponent.

Maggie Whelen, Nauset HS plays inside and out and picks off several passes because of her awareness and quick hands.  She is another player who is constantly anticipating on defense and uses it to create easy transition offense.  
Corrine Coia, Lincoln School,  Cherenze and Annie Lawler, South Kingston HS, all play the post position.  Players are forced to respect Coia size down low; she plays smart-straight up defense and runs the court well in transition.  Coia posts up physically on the high and low post; she can take the shot from either place or can find the open player to set up a teammate.  Coia is an excellent rebounder and finishes well inside. 

Cherenze also has solid post play and quick, purposeful footwork.  She is strong down low and gets to the basket.

Lawler is a shot blocker and has the ability to do so without drawing the foul.  She uses her power to create space down low and works well with her back to the basket, also a tough rebounder.

Team Massachusetts plays hard, team basketball.  Every player has solid, engrained fundamentals.  The team has a nice balance of post and guard play forcing their opponent to play honest defense. 

Sam Mangano, Winchester HS, is an aggressive defender.  She is fast in the open court and passes well to the posts.

Shelby Santini, Winchester HS, is usually the first down the court and can not be caught by defenders.  Her speed created a number of open lay ups. 

Bri Martinez, Leominster HS, is confident with her ball control and uses it to finish in the paint. 

Cheyenne Jennings. Wachusett HS,  is extremely athletic; she has the size and jump shot of a guard but the strength and control to rebound over posts and to finish in traffic.

Shannen El-Qasem, Wachusett HS,   is the type of player that can lead a team; she posts up hard and is a smart defender by having an excellent understanding of the game.  El-Qasem makes herself big to cover the paint. 

Bri Schnare Wachusett HS,   works well with teammates; she is a good shot blocker and knows how to use the sidelines as a defender.  Shnare is an essential component in breaking presses; she sets herself up in the center of the court and finds the open player.  Offensively Shnare has a big presence inside; she faces up well and is smart with the ball.

Shannon Holt, Wachusett HS, was a defensive presence blocking shots as well as a force on the glass.


The Connecticut Cobras played some impressive basketball this weekend utilizing aggressive team defense and full court traps. 

Abby McNomee, Norwich Free Academy,  is a big scorer and has mastered the shot fake.  She reads defenders well knowing when to capitalize on their positioning. McNomee has a quick pull up jumper and can drive to the hoop.

Chloe Rishell, RHAM HS,  has tremendous ball control.  She reads the court well and finds the open player.  Rishell’s athletic ability and comfort with the ball, allows her to pass without slowing down often one step ahead of defenders.

Catherine Pinone, Glastonbury HS,  runs the court very well.  She uses her body to create good positioning for rebounding.  Pinone has a nice shooting touch from about 10ft out and also has the ability to get to the hoop.

Liza Otto has good size for a guard.  She can play inside or out as she is a controlled ball handler and boxes out hard for rebounds.  Otto plays smart, fundamental defense.

Samantha Branning, Glastonbury HS, is a tough, hard working player.  She cuts hard to the basket and follows all of her shots; usually ending in her own put back lay up.  Defensively, Branning closes traps well forcing turnovers.

Claire Tocheny can play defense anywhere on the floor.  She is quick in the backcourt and works for positioning to front in the post.  Offensively, Tocheny moves through the paint well; driving to finish but also drawing defenders to look for the dish and drawing a number of fouls.

The Cobras played in some close games this weekend.  They will be closing out their spring AAU season as the girls return to play at their home high schools in Connecticut.

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