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Northeast Elite College Showcase Recap

October 17th, 2010

College Showcase Standouts



Before the throngs of college coaches, forty four teams competed at the Northeast Elite Fall Ball College Showcase hosted by the Rhode Island Breakers at Tabor Academy on October 3rd and 4th.  As typical of Bill Coughlin's events, the event attracted some of the finest AAU talent New England had to offer. Here a look at the non-committed players who impressed.

Megan Otto, Scituate (2012) -  Very athletic guard/power forward who takes the ball to the basket strong and under control. Dishes well to others and causes trouble for other teams on the defensive end. Strong willed player, who can get to the basket at will. Attends Scituate High School.

Ashley Perez- Connecticut Starters- #5: A guard with great strength and ability to create own offense, but maintains a team player attitude. She has great court vision and sound fundamentals and finishes to the basket well.

Chelsea Dunham,  Team Next Level - A very athletic and solid post player. Good with back to basket and finishes well.

Cara Manfredi, Glastonbury HS (2011) Shooting guard with an accurate and consistent 3 point shot. Tenacious on the defensive end. Attends Glastonbury High School.

Megan Gaudreau, Pomfret School (2012)- Shooter with size who hustles and moves without the ball well on the offensive end. Keeps the offensive tempo fluid and quick.

Maggie Sundberg, EO Smith (2011) - A guard who rebounds and bangs like a post player. Hustles and makes plays for others.

Claire Tocheny, East Lyme (2011)- Post who cleans up for other teammates with put backs. Finishes strong and is a force on the boards. She can also create with back to the basket and distribute when she doesn’t have open opportunites.

Adily Martucci, Waterford HS (2012)- Very athletic and powerful guard who can double as a power forward. Puts the ball on the floor with great strength and agility and finishes to the basket with ease. She is tenacious on both ends and can turn on the defensive heat or score on offense at will. Great overall player.

Shaquira Palmer, Bunnell HS (2012) - A power forward with great potential. Plays heads taller than she is physically. Very athletic and finishes strong to the basket powering up or off the dribble. Creates plays for others just by virtue of her end-to-end hustel.

Maddy Fulton, Wilton HS (2012) A 3-Guard who is consistent and a finisher. She has sound fundamentals and very good footwork.

Phoebe French, Jonathan Law HS (2012)- A 2-guard who moves the ball and creates for others well. Defensively has hands in passing lanes at all times and is an overall player at both ends of the floor. Attends Jonathan Law High School.

Michelle Wu, Masuk HS (2012) - A point guard with good vision and handle. Can keep head up under pressure and is very unselfish.

Christina Cretella, Seymour HS (2012) - Post player who is surprisingly agile to the basket for a big. A true post who is great with her back to the basket, has good hands and uses body and seals the defense well.

Taylor Travis, Somerset (2012) - A versatile power forward/post who works very well with her back to the basket, but can create from the outside if need be. Very strong and athletic player who runs the floor and cleans up boards.

Emily Romans, Oliver Ames (2012) - Post player with good post fundamentals. Reads the two man game exceptionally well and uses her body to gain advantage.

Lexi Gill, Tabor Academy - Shooting guard who is a dangerously consistent three point shooter. Attends Tabor Academy as a sophomore. She is a very strong and agile player who loves creating to get into the paint and finish. Makes good decisions on the offensive end.

Liz Cruso, Westerly HS (2011) - A guard with good shooting range and solid fundamentals. Can put the ball on the floor and creates with quick feet and good vision. Cruso hustles on both ends of the floor.

Megan Robertson, Philips Andover (2011) - A forward who hustles and finishes strong to the basket. Gets great position down low and uses body very well. Creates great adversity for opponents on defense.

Danielle LeBlanc, Pilgrim HS (2012) - A guard/point guard with great shooting fundamentals and a quick release. She has great handle in traffic that makes her size not a factor. Her quick feet and quick reactions allow her to distribute well.

Jill Cullen, North Attleboro (2012) - Shooting guard with great shooting fundamentals and a quick release. Knows her strengths and spots up and moves to teammates well. Offensively intelligent and gets to the right spots.

Samantha Brenner, New Hampton HS (2012) - #11- A solid post player who knows how to use her body and volley for position. Finishes well to basket and can create for herself with back to basket.

Maddy Blais, New Hampton (2012) - Extremely athletic power forward who can easily develop her own offense and score at will. She works very hard on both ends of the floor.

Daisy Jordan, Tilton Prep -  Post player who is strong and athletic. Works well with back to basket and has 2 to 3 key moves that allow her to create for herself against most defense.

Lizzy Ball, New Hampton Prep - A pesky guard who’s ball hawking skills and tenacity on defense make it very difficult for opponents on offense. She creates plays by virtue of her hustle on both ends of the floor.

Nadja Kern, Waltham (2011) - Guard who runs the floor very well. Pushes the tempo and pushes her teammates up the floor with her. She fills lanes and is great off the ball as well. Sound basketball IQ.

Ashley Lutz, Lincoln-Sudbury (2013)- Post player who has solid fundamentals with her back to the basket but also has a consistent mid-range jumper in her arsenal. An intelligent player who moves without the ball and elevates to the basket very well.

Kayla Burton, Newton South (2013) - Very athletic guard/point guard who runs the floor, reads defense, and has good handle with her eyes up at all times. Works well on both ends of the floor.

Asiamonet Mitchell, Oliver Ames (2013)- a guard who moves the ball well with good court sense and vision. Has a quarterback like presence and can read teammates as well as defense to create for herself or others.

Caitlyn Abela, Oliver Ames (2013) - A post player who can handle the ball on the outside and up the floor when necessary. Versatile, in that, she can score with back to basket or face up.

Angie Michalski, Inter Lakes HS (2011)- A power forward with strength and finesse who can undoubtedly score at will. Can score with back to basket but is more dangerous outside the arc. She creates for other teammates and finishes well.

Brittany Gallagher, New Hampton (2011) - A defensive floor captain who reads the offense and talks it up with teammates well. Always a step ahead, sees the floor well offensively and is always pushing up the floor or running the lanes herself. Finishes strong and is solid all around.

Ali  Wells, Essex HS (2012)- A point guard with good handle and creates well for teammates. Creates much difficulty for opponents on defense and runs through passing lanes and denies lanes well.

Nikisa Thomas, Boston Trinity (2012) - Very athletic guard who pushes her teammates up the floor and keeps the tempo moving. Can keep head up even in traffic. Creates well for others.

Indira Evora, Somerville (2013) - Athletic guard who can handle well in traffic and finish. Distributes well to other teammates and pushes the ball up the floor well.

Taylah Pelote, Taunton (2012) - Post player with good size who uses body and seals the defense well. Finishes high and strong, draws the contact well.

Ashley Leblanc, Methuen (2011)- Post player who crashed boards tenaciously and works hard on both ends of the floor.

Sarah Benedetti, Canton (2011) - Shooting guard who spots up and reads double teams well. Has both a set shot and a pull up. Great passing and entries to the post.

Kayla Papazian, Archbishop Williams (2012) - A power forward who can play both with her back to the basket and step outside the paint and put the ball on the floor. Has a consistent mid range jumper and moves very well and strong to the basket. Reads defense well and uses her body accordingly. Attends Archbishop Williams High School.

New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

October 2012

Mansfield Sportsplex

The Junior Elite 75 will host the top middle school players in New England and provide them with early exposure, the best in skill development, and discussion sessions educating them about what to expect from the high school level and the world of recruiting.

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